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从1.1.550版本开始,EZCast应用程式支持Apple TV, 您可以把苹果设备里的资料/音乐视频/文档等内容投影到Apple TV上.目前EZCast应用程式支持EZCast电视棒,Google Chromecast,Apple TV.谢谢!EZCast是一款强大的家庭多媒体分享软件,可以完成手机,平板,PC上的屏幕完美切换到TV大屏幕搭配Actions-Micro的无线连接方案,实现最佳的多屏互动体验
从2014年3月15日起(Android App版本号1.1.159以上), EZCast App (Android/iOS)支援Chromecast电视棒及Android接收端,
现在开始, Chromecast及安卓电视棒用户可以使用EZCast来投送您在手机, 平板, 互联网, 云存储及社交网路上的多媒体及文件到大萤幕上!
请使用EZCast上的评论功能来回报您所遭遇的问题(EZCast画面上的评论图标). 我们会测试并直接在评论中回答您!
主要支持-.Windows,Mac OS,iOS,Android四大操作系统平板/PC 图片,音乐,视频分享-.优酷视频,youtube,搜狐视频等在线视频分享-.Office/PDF/Mac OS Page分享-.支持DLNA,包括腾讯视频,搜狐视频,PPTV等的DLNA分享-.Miracast支持.
If you encounter error code 963 / 903 from google play:1) Clear the application Cache / Data for the Google Play Store and Google Play Services through the Application Manager in Settings.2) Reopen the Play Store, navigate to Settings and scroll to the bottom of the page, if you're on build 5.5.12, you're OK to proceed. If your device is on an older revision, please wait a bit until the Play Store automatically pushes the latest build to your device.3) Navigate to Settings -> Storage and select: "Unmount SD Card"4) Navigate back to the Play Store and attempt to download updates, or any other application /game you were previously having issues downloading.5) Observe the results, if the problem goes away, great! If not, try physically taking the SD card out of your device, rebooting and following all of the above steps in order.